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#BTS: Model On Duty

"Mix vintage with current fashion" is Kristen's go to MO. We caught up with her at our first shoot, and she told us a little bit about her time as a model, and where she dreams of traveling. Read more below.

How did you begin modeling?

I began modeling about 12 years ago. It all started when my mom sent photos of me to a local modeling agency in San Diego!

What is your ideal weekend night out?

I don’t really go out, but my ideal weekend in general would be going Ojai and going to this restaurant called Farmer and Cook, which has the best healthy food. Also I would try to go thrift shopping while I was there. I would just like to have an all around relaxing weekend.

What is your favorite place you have traveled to or want to travel to?

My favorite place I have traveled to is Batroun, Lebanon. My dream place to travel to would have to be Tahiti or Bali.

What do you like best about modeling?

I like meeting new people and that modeling is something new each time. I love the possibility of new experiences and never really knowing what you are going to do tomorrow. There is no real schedule, that’s what keeps me excited about modeling.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I like to mix vintage with current fashion and I always have to be comfortable!


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