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#BTS: Style Is Eternal

"We are inspired and moved by these creative souls." Between Ten got the #BTS on one of the stylists, Katrina Arambulo, from Girls Who Dress Boys, a group of three women who style men for a living. Not a bad gig, right? Read more below about how she got started, what inspires her, and of utmost importance, where to go shopping in Paris.


How did you get started in the styling industry?

I grew up in LA, in Westchester and always had a thing for the arts. In my younger years I found myself constantly painting, drawing, taking photos, creating. This led to my ultimate decision to minor in Studio Arts in college. Little did I know that I would fall in love with all things graphic design - typography, 2D design and black and white photography, I enjoyed it all. My ultimate creative passion, however, was fashion, and up until this point it was the untapped art for me. I decided then to move to New York, and soon after graduating found myself with a one way ticket to JFK. I ended up landing a job at Ralph Lauren, where my love for menswear was born. I was fortunate enough to learn the ins and outs of men's style from one of the world's most well-known and respected brands. 

How did you start/come up with Girls Who Dress Boys?

I now work with two amazing women, Melina who is also a men's stylist and Nicole, who is part-stylist, part-art director, and 100% kickass mom. The three of us work, love and are inspired by everything menswear, and after months of continued happiness in our collaborations, we knew we needed an outlet to showcase our work. Besides, three girls, styling dudes for a living, not a bad gig right? Instagram became the perfect tool for us to not only post our work but to pull from the accounts that inspire us and to show our individual styles. 

What does this styling company entail? (Do you style only men/what kind of looks are normally styled)

Our primary focus right now is men; Melina and I pull and style and the Nicole brings us altogether to create a cohesive story. We do everything from editorial work, product images for ecom, personal styling, and brand consulting. 

What are certain things that make a great look?

Since guys don't have as many options for the types of clothing they can wear - namely, a top and bottom, whereas women have everything under the sun - two crucial elements to a well put-together look are accessories and color palette. A good watch, clean white sneaker, luxe basics and well-fitted worn-in denim are some of the staples we live by. 

Who/what inspires you the most?

We take a lot of our inspiration from our own personal styles and tastes and translate them into our menswear looks. We also Pin(terest) a TON. We have endless shared boards of styles, concepts, colors and seasons that we love. We also work with the most amazing, talented men; they may be models by day but are designers, artists, musicians, photographers, comedians, athletes by night. We are inspired and moved by these creative souls. 

Where do you pull inspiration from?

Depends what we're working on, but we're very inspired by all types of men. Sometimes we'll come across old, gorgeous images of Paul Newman and be inspired to shoot our guy in a killer Saint Laurent suit with a vintage car, and some days we'll see a photo of Thaddeus O'Neil and be inspired to shoot a dreamy, sensual surf story on the beach. 

What is your favorite place you have ever traveled to (or wish to travel to)?

My favorite city without a doubt is Paris. The culture, the history and fashion, obsessed beyond with it all. The first time I ever visited Paris I was about 14 and I've been under its spell ever since. Croissants for breakfast, shopping in Le Marais, and moules-frites in St Germain for dinner? C'est la vie. x

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