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#B10Insider: The Natasha Dress

For every limited edition item we offer, there is always a story behind the piece. How we came to find the fabric, how we came to love it, and how we decided what to do with it. One of our favorite pieces, our Natasha Dress, has just that - a story behind it that we love. 

After shopping around LA, and really all over southern California, for the perfect seamstress, we landed on one in the heart of the garment district in Los Angeles. Our initial meeting with her was somewhat long - but there was something that caught our eye in the first ten minutes of meeting in her studio. The dark rose print fabric rolled up in the corner of the room. We all looked at each other and said, "that's the one we've been looking for." So, very boldly, after only knowing our seamstress for a morning, we asked her about the fabric. She went on to explain that she got the fabric around 10 years ago, and it came straight from Italy. She expanded that she's been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a beautiful dress with it. 

We thought that perfect opportunity was to be with us. But she, having just met us, wasn't so convinced. We talked the rest of the meeting about our project, about our brand, and what her bandwidth was and if she was up for working with us. We formed a great relationship, and were back a week later for meeting number two.

Of course we had to mention that fabric again. Not even a half hour into the meeting, we said, "Have you figured out what type of dress you're going to make with that Italian fabric?" To that she went with, "I've had it for 10 years." 

After that, I think we cooled it on mentioning of that for maybe two months. We think she actually hid it - debate is up whether that was on purpose or if she was just actually having her intern do a "spring cleaning" of her studio. 

After those two months, we knew exactly what type of dress we wanted to make with that fabric. We had our eyes set - especially because we could not find a comparable fabric. We went into the studio with our sketches for a meeting about the dress, and we subtly said, "We are going to make this with a beautiful floral print, dark fabric, perfect for fall." Without a question, she knew what we were getting at. She pulled the roll out from underneath her drawing board, and said, "this might work."

We immediately told her that she didn't have to give it up (although, yes she did), and she just fired back with, "just name the dress after me."

And the Natasha dress was born.

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  • As I am reading, I am experiencing the moment. Great story!

    Hemali on
  • Love this! And that it was “ten” years! Such an awesome story.

    Amanda on
  • This is one my favorite stories!!! :)

    Monica on

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