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Every First Friday of the month, we launch a limited edition piece, or small capsule collection of pieces, made of a deadstock fabric that we sourced locally and fell in love with. Deadstock fabric is basically fabric that other fashion houses have had to rid of because they bought too much and no longer have use for it. So instead of that going to waste, we use it to reinvent products with it that you will love! It is important to us to make sure we are contributing to the reduction of waste and eliminating our carbon footprint. 

Since the fabrics we choose for #FridayFirsts are deadstock, they may come in extremely limited quantities, so we can only make a few pieces with them. This means the few that we do make are pretty special and exclusive. Once sold out, they won't be in stock again, so make sure you're signed up for our email updates so you never miss out. 

Hashtag #BetweenTenFridayFirst when you wear our sustainable options!