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about us


We're four sisters who have always dreamt of working together - so we decided to create Between Ten - a name that signifies the gap in age between the first and the last sister. We all have our own unique styles and we wanted to create a platform to bring them all together in one cohesive manner. When we created the brand, we sought out ways for the on-the-go woman to be able to have to think less when she's getting dressed. Our designs allow for a more transitional wardrobe, meaning we realized what women needed was clothing that will so easily take her from day to night, from work to cocktail hour, and from beach to city. We focus on creating the most versatile, wearable pieces for the on-the-go woman.   



We design by individual piece rather than collection. We don't limit ourselves to only fabrics that are produced in large volumes. When we see a fabric we love and that we think you'll love, we make a piece with it. With that being said, some of our fabrics come in limited quantities - which is why some of our styles are offered in limited quantities. With this, we maintain uniqueness and exclusivity, with fabrics that you won't be able to find elsewhere.

We take pride in designing and producing all of our garments in the USA.